Bikearama defaced but only for a few minutes…

Seems that nothing more than a script kiddy ran a script against the bikearama site in the last hour or so to replace the home page (which not that many people use anyways)… the irritating thing is that they declare changing a user account and altering home.php on a wordpress install ‘hacking’. When in actual fact they have an automated script (that they probably had someone else write) that does a brute force password cruncher on the base wordpress install to gain access or via FTP. Which to be honest given the level of service I get from JustHost (who I wouldn’t recommend) the damage these children did is nothing by comparison.

Lets hope they were smart enough to not use their direct IP when I go through the log files later on, although we already know that they’re French Arabic calling themselves a lame name of: Sh4rp H4x0r T34M which I think we can all agree is pretty pathetic and far from cool, personally I would create a name that kicked ass instead. You kids are all alone without a friend in your sausage fest, this much we can be sure of… have a laugh at the scary names they came up with to sound cool: Mr.L4iVe that ’4′ in the sure makes you look cool… but otherwise not too bad where as Xraptr0r sounds so humiliating to call yourself that – imagine introducing yourself to anyone using that name, what a twat! Even better is that you can’t spell raptor. Then there’s K!tr0 who obviously couldn’t have the name kitro as it was taken so had to use the exclamation mark. These are the kind of people that give genuinely good hackers a bad name and why hollywood makes films like ‘hackers’ to take the piss out of you.

Sh4rp H4x0r T34M are retards

Then there’s the logo to go with the bad spelling… a fist. Great. No really, when we see a fist, like that we think of power, revolution and not fisting. Don’t worry, everyone know’s real revolution starts with defacing a web page of a random blog site. In the end I feel sorry for whoever Dmar Subaie is, I’d be embarassed to be associated with this.

But, wow, seriously I am chuffed that is a target for Arab miscreants who can do nothing better than run a script. Guys on the very rare chance that you read this, why not grow a set of balls and drop me a line on the comments for this post, I’m calling you out!

Perhaps you should get a girlfriend instead of flashing your dicks to each other on chat roulette.

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