Buell is back with the 1190RS!

It’s been a shame that Harley Davidson removed their support for Buell and closed the company and now they may just regret that decision as Eric Buell Racing launch their first road bike. We’ve had to wait for a new Buell for a while, simply because Harley Davidson created a stipulation that said no road going Buells could be made for a year after Eric Buell parted ways to start EBR.

Well the wait is over and here’s the first of hopefully many – the Buell 1190RS superbike (based upon the 1190RR)

It has an 1190cc V-twin engine and it shouldn’t be too distant from the 1190RR in terms of specs (around 164kg with 185bhp and 93ftlb of rear wheel torque) – it’ll probably be slightly heavier and detuned to keep it road legal, but still it’ll be an absolutely mental superbike. Probably also for an exorbitant price tag but should still be a consideration for anyone serious enough (and rich enough).

And now to sex wee…

Buell 1190RS superbike

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