Frontal Lobotomy – Gas Turbine Jet Bike

I can’t stop finding images of crazy jet bikes, I don’t seek them out, they just find me – it’s like they are calling me to build a jet bike as my next project.

frontal lobotomy jet bike

However, this one looks insane, aptly called Frontal Lobotomy, it looks like a turbine that’s had a set of forks and a swingarm added to it. To anyone that may ‘dabble’ in physics it may look like having the rear wheel behind the jet is going to be an issue – though in all seriousness there would probably be some massive heat sheilding or a way to deflect the exhaust, maybe take some advice from the guy who made giant exhausts for his bike – either that or it’s just a publicity attempt but I doubt that, this looks serious.

Course, then there’s the factor of braking, not sure that convential disc brakes are up to stopping the force of a giant jet turbine, so i’d love to see how this works – I guess with a parachute in a very long straight line to slow down. Can’t imagine from looking at it that handling… well anything other than a straight line… is going to be feasible. Still this would make a pretty cool drag bike if you fancy having one of these jets between your legs.

Got to admire the people who build this stuff that shows the rest of us what real men do with their spare time, this isn’t a fail, it’s a win waiting to happen. Not much more info, but a few more pictures are found here.

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