Another Jet Motorcycle

Crikey, I think I’ve started something here with finding all these jet powered motorcycles. This one looks like it’s a real runner too! On the front of the bike, you can just read something that looks like it says ‘MAD’ and yes indeedy it is mad. Guessing it’s a drag bike, since the frame seems to give no clearance or ability to lean. Looks like one slight tip on this and you’ll catch the frame and it’s game over.

jet powered motorcycle

Curious exhaust system – is that a lift up flap on it or is it some kind of pulse jet. I think I’m going to take what I said earlier about it being a real runner back. There is no way that this will run, if that is the exhaust system then having it angled like that is going to do lethal things, the frame itself looks like it’s built to skid down the road. Still I would love to see the craziness of this running.

Still that’s a nice bit of stitching on the saddle – well bit of leather to separate you and the turbine, it’s not really a saddle is it? Seems there is a whole subculture of homemade jet powered motorcycles all of which don’t or physically can’t run. So this ones a fail I think.

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