Kawasaki 48 Cylinder Bike

kawasaki v48 motorbike

That’s right 48… count ‘em 48 cylinders. 24 on each side in an inline eight configuration – 3 banks per side. I can’t find out much about this other than it’s the creation of Simon Whitlock. The engine and transmission by themself are close to a ton, using a BMW transmission and a gear system to join the individual crankshafts of the inline eights to the transmission. The engines and cylinders apparently are Kawasaki S1/KH250′s, originally a triple engine, this gives this bike a total displacement of 4000cc (48 x 83.3cc) with a 48 into 2 exhaust system, which must make your ears bleed. The engine uses six Jaguar E-Type distributors and a 75 cc pony motor serves as a starter motor. The video below proves it does actually run and apparently it is just about rideable. I think I’d much rather have this than the Dodge Tomahawk POS.

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