Marco Simoncelli Crash – RIP 1987-2011

marco simoncelli RIP 1987-2011

Tragic news, gifted 24 year old Italian rider Marco Simoncelli died after a freak crash at the MotoGP in Sepang, Malaysia on 23rd October 2011. From the footage it looked like there was a loss of control on lap 2 when Simoncelli’s #58 Honda veered across the track in front of Valentino Rossi and Colin Edwards. Both riders were unable to avoid the split second collision and during this, Marco’s helmet came lose resulting in severe head injuries as both riders collided with him leaving Marco motionless on the track.

The race was immediately red flagged and then canceled as the tragic event unfolded, perhaps more tragic were the so called ‘fans’ who started throwing stuff from the stands because a race had been delayed and then cancelled which is shocking behaviour whether the injury was fatal or not, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

When you see the crash, I think it’s safe to say that any bike rider will be left feeling shocked and a bit uneasy – apologies for the graphic content that follows, taken from a screen capture of the MotoGP footage.

marco simoncelli crash

It’s a real shame and great loss not only for Marco’s close friends and family but also for any fans of the MotoGP as Simoncelli’s riding style was unique although aggressive it was always thrilling to watch him race and a reason why I watched MotoGP so avidly since he joined. Given time I’m sure that he would have become a true legend on the track with the amazing abilities that he demonstrated.

RIP Marco Simoncelli 1987 – 2011.

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