Mototaxi Junket organisation fail

Looks like an epic fail when an adventure company called “The Adventurists” can’t get their shit together to organise an adventure….

Unable to organise a piss up in a free brewery by all accounts let alone the paperwork going from this rant of the planning of the MotoTaxi Junket

And for those who actually take part, seems your left high and dry going by this account of the “Adventure” waiting around for 7 days and then having to fly yourself off to finally get to your vehicle. Great!

Of course you don’t know what the MotoTaxi Junket is – it’s meant to be a rally on tuk-tuks/ mototaxi’s across Peru using a cheap knock off motorbike converted to have a sofa on the back. Sounds like a laugh, but instead by all accounts it seems to be more of a shambles with various injuries, breakdowns etc… which I’m sure adds to the ‘adventure’. Though to be fair it does look like most people survive, take some good pictures and make it in the end. Trouble is I bet it would have been just as much hassle to organise it all yourself, probably a bit cheaper and you’re at the mercy of only yourself and your own organisational skills.

Which just goes to show, if you really want to have an adventure, go with someone who can organise it. Take a look at some of the guys below who do bike tours through Peru, same adventure but seems far better managed and something I’ll end up doing my self. I did research a fair bit and while The Adventurists seemed like a good idea and alot of fun – they also do other events, I didn’t feel comfortable booking with them and I’ll go with the experts instead such as:

If you operate similar tours add your links to the comments.


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