Pulse Jet Motorcycle

Pulse jet motorcycle

Turns out that you can create a jet by using a bit of tubing, a spark plug and a gas supply as Robert Maddox (above) has proven countless times. Even better, build one and strap it to your vintage motorcycle and get rid of that hideous lump of metal and moving parts – or build the bike frame from scratch. These things are amazingly simple and loud – up to 140 decibels and this guy claims to get at least 75mph from his.

Pulse jets work by acoustic resonance to create alternating high and low pressure, by igniting the fuel source which then creates both the propulsion and a vacuum to draw in more air as the heated gas expands. You could also say that the air drawn in acts like a piston to force the gas out and create the thrust. All I really know is it creates flames, is really loud and glows red hot which is all good enough for me.

Not quite sure on how road legal they are, but a car would make the mistake of tailgating only once.

I like the tiny brakes, thin tyres and complete lack of gears, apparently with 250lb of thrust on tap with no suspension other than a sprung saddle. So that gives you 3 modes of possible operation: stop, go and crash.

Oh and by the way this chap builds and sells these pulse jet engines and motorbikes on ebay apparently…

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