Why ride?

There is without a doubt something about motorcycles that really gets people. It is associated with such a wide range of images and ideas and it is something that a lot of people can’t help but be drawn to. What is that attracts people to motorcycles?

For starters it has to be the instant thrill it gives you. The feeling of riding on two wheels and zipping from one place to another really is unparalleled. There is a sense of freedom you get from that which you won’t forget in a long time. Feeling the wind on your face and travelling at a good speed but at the same time being almost at one with nature is certainly a unique feeling.

Another thing about using a motorcycle over another vehicle has to be cost. Of course you have to get insurance, an MOT if it is over three years old and also breakdown cover but you can save elsewhere. Take petrol for example, you pay so much less than you would for a car, normally you’ll get double the fuel economy that you do with a car.

Again the motorcycle has to beat the car in terms of parking. Gone are the days of trying to find a space for your big car, and gone are the horrible days of trying to parallel park You’ll find spaces all over the place which you can quickly pop in and out of.

When you ride a motorcycle it is almost as if you are part of a club. Riders will tell you about ‘the wave’, this is what you do when another rider passes. You don’t get that in a car do you? There is a sense of community which you get with this and you’ll find yourself instantly with a whole new gang of friends to share your passion with.

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