Servicing, save yourself!!

You would think that the motorcycle being a far more 2-dimensional beast than, say, a car, that getting to things for a service would be easy peasies. Wrong!! I started out my day with a head full of hopes and dreams of a bike with new oil, clean carburetors, new and shiny spark-plugs, who knows what I was thinking. Nothing went quite to plan, more and more parts were removed, from that point you can then see the parts you need to remove to start work.

This is how the bike ended up
work in progress

From this state it was possible to service many of the parts, carb clean, coolant flush and change, many things in fact, but the biggest problem was, and still is, getting to the spark plugs.

From the already stripped bike two more panels need to be removed, difficult to describe as they appear to have no purpose unless they are to hide the plugs from wandering sparkplug thief’s.
there it is!

It is at this point you realise that you need a tool you do not own to remove that pesky central plug. What a way to spend your relaxing holiday time.

Still it did make it back into one piece at the end of the second day, and more amazingly it still worked, mostly.
as its meant to be
Whilst this limited information will not assist you in servicing your bike I can at least impart some knowledge as the effort and time this took makes me an expert. So if you find yourself planning a service on your Triumph Tiger I am well qualified to inform you that it is worth the money to get it done for you.

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