Spanish MotoGP madness

Spanish MotoGP 2011 Lorenzo Winning

For anyone who didn’t see the Spanish MotoGP today at Jerez, you missed a quite a race on the track in the wet weather as the commentators said: the only thing that was predictable was the fact that it was unpredictable. We watched Rossi show the world why he’s considered the greatest rider, moving from 12th to 3rd in matter of a few laps, though losing control of the Ducati and wiping out Casey Stoner’s chances of a podium finish. Which I think Stoner put it best when Rossi later apologised and Stoner said ‘your ambition outweighed your talent’. Though not sure whether you entirely can blame Rossi, due to known problems with the bike and the weather – probably a mixture of all three. I think the marshalls were right to assist Rossi first since he was pinned by 2 bikes at the time, though much to the dismay of Casey Stoner.

Spanish MotoGP 2011 Rossi Stoner Crash

Then we witnessed Marco Simoncelli take up the lead but then lose control of his Honda shortly afterwards as it catapulted him across the track mid corner, awesome riding style to watch and a real shame he didn’t finish. Giving Lorenzo a clear run at the lead, which he extended by 19 seconds over Pedrosa who ended up in 2nd place, after Ben Spies over took and then crashed his Yamaha. By this point Rossi has made it back up to 5th position after Crutchlow crashed his Yamaha and rejoind the race. shortly after this madness we also saw Karel Abraham crash his Ducati and promptly rejoin.

Spanish MotoGP 2011 Simoncelli Crash

The battle around 8th and 9th place throughout though was where the main action and skill in the wet was at during the race, everyone hoping that the Brits would turn in a good result as they’re used to a bit of rain.You could see that most teams were hoping for a flag to allow a change of bikes and tires if the weather changed but it just got more dangerous with the hard style of racing, tires soon took their toll and coupled with the wet conditions there were a lot of hair raising tank slappers coming out of the corners. I pretty much shit my pants at all of them.

Never under estimate the balls out attitude of the Italians though, shame they didn’t all finish but what a race it would have been. Still for a Spaniard to win on Spanish soil was a great result and there’s no denying that Lorenzo is also a great rider.

All in all if you want motorsport action, forget the tame, dreary and predictable Formula 1 and watch a bit of MotoGP instead. Check out the video below of the highlights:



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