Wheelie Fail!

When wheelies go wrong and when it goes wrong on a bike, it goes really wrong and really expensive. Great news for mechanics. In no real order…

Motorcycle Wheelie Fails

This one is great because the guy who crashes is basically trying to show off to a group of girls in a car. “Hey Girls, check me out as I cause a multi-lane pile up.”


Looking good there in your matching jumpsuit/ R1 combo – perhaps you should have colour coordinated with the asphalt instead.


Nice bit of riding, getting the knee down. Nicely ruined by being an idiot – if you’re going to pop a wheelie wait until you’ve definitely got the bike straight.


Can’t help but think that putting your legs out like that is what started to throw you off balance.


Wait… is that guy naked? Call the ambulance!


Bike in the head! Ouch.


Way to ruin a motorcycle parade – dick!


Motorcycle Wheelie Win

Still makes my balls shrink… even though it’s pretty awesome.

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