The worlds most expensive (and shittest) motorcycle – Dodge Tomahawk

Introducing the Dodge ‘Tomahawk’… “Designed to make the tough guys at your local biker bar slink home in shame”

Or more likely…

Die from haemorraging due to laughing so hard at the idiot who spent $500,000 on this piece of crap. A Dodge Viper V10 engine that does 0-60 in 2.5 seconds… wooooooo. You have to go that fast in order to ignore people pointing and laughing at you.

Wait did he say, it has 4 wheels?… and potentially can do up to 400 mph because the Dodge Viper is one of the fastest sports car on the road… Now I understand why this will scare off the tough bikers outside the local stock exchange – because of the permanent bullshit cloud around it.

Still I think most bikers would be scared off just at the complete lack of handling this 1,500 pound lump of turd has – especially at the theoretical top speeds when aerodynamics would be even more important.

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